Aesops 3rd Book of Childhood Adventures (Aesops Childhood Adventures 9)

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Cultural diversity is addressed, as are program-planning ideas for English language learners and special-needs children. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version. Literature and Other Language Arts Areas. The Growth of Speech and Expression. Writing and Reading Natural Companions. The collection bears a decidedly British stamp, and young children may not respond to the remote quality of the illustrations.

Nevertheless, it's a wonderful opportunity for older children and adults to compare and contrast artists' perspectives. A must for larger folklore collections, as the book will be of special interest to researchers.

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Twenty-nine of Aesop's many fine illustrators are represented by the 60 reproductions here, including 17 by Rackham and more modest contributions from artists ranging from Caldecott, Crane, and Lucy Fitch Perkins of twin-book fame to Alexander Calder. A brief introduction catalogues the fables' history as a subject for illustration--apparently what is referred to on the jacket as "introductory notes on the artists" a misleading exaggeration. The pungently concise text is uncredited, but is an acceptable alternative to the embroideries fashionable in recent versions.

A notably handsome edition, especially useful for its well-chosen sampling of art, with handy access through an illustrators' index. New edition, with engraved frontispiece.

Aesop's Fables

Bookseller's label of Calder to front pastedown. A two volume set of French children's literature. With two engraved frontispieces. Printed in French. Two volumes of the Library for Small Children series by the Mame publishing house, a noted publisher of French children's literature A beautifully illustrated collection of children's tales. In original French, written by Marc Antoine Blanchard. First edition, bound with half title and contents to the verso of final leaf. With a hand coloured frontispiece and an additional A pleasing and copiously illustrated copy of this charming children's travel tale by Samuel Griswold Goodrich; detailing a party of adventurers exploring Europe in a hot air balloon.

The scarce first edition of this illustrated children's work, from the library of the granddaughter of the author. The first edition of the work. Collated complete with eight full A scarce anonymous collection of mid-nineteenth century children's stories with a hand-coloured frontispiece. Bound in cloth with gilt lettering. Story of Harriet With an engraving to frontispiece and vignette title.

In original paper wraps with embossed title tipped in to front.

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Maria Edgeworth - was a prolific Irish A very scarce collection of short stories bound in the publisher's original decorative paper binding. This very scarce collection of short holiday themed short stories. The titles included The first edition of this charming scarce children's work, profusely illustrated by the author. The first edition. From the personal library of the granddaughter of the author with An uncommon and charming collection of children's tales told in verse.

Adorned with several nicely illustrated plates and numerous vignettes.

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An early almost certainly first edition of a tale from the night-caps series. Illustrated with eight full page amateurly coloured plates. The copyright states that it was entered according to the Act of Congress in and the title The Religious Tract Society, founded in , was a major British publisher of Christian literature intended initially for evangelism, and With ten pages of publisher's advertisements to the rear.

Leather bound with gilt lettering to spine and cloth covered boards. A first edition which is illustrated with lovely black and white in-text illustrations by William Henry Rogers. Childrens story published anonymously by Lady Bound in cloth with blindstamped boards and gilt lettering. First edition. With a small nameplate on the front pastedown. Very rarely seen and then often The most famous work of children's author Arnaud Berquin. In original French. Berquin did not want his work to contain fairy tales or imaginative literature.

A collection of illustrated children's short stories from Francis Turner Palgrave.

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Bound in cloth with gilt lettering and decoration. A collection of illustrated children's short stories from Francis Turner Palgrave, where each child living at Wentworth Grange tells a different story every day for five days. With numerous illustrations in the text.

Francis Turner A uncommon ediion of this collection of children's poetry. Illustrated throughout with vignettes by the author, the work is bound in attractive cloth with gilt lettering, and offers a humorous, if occasionally sinister, collection of A first edition of Caroline Gemmer's Children of the Sun. Caroline M. Gemmer, pseudonym Gerda Fay, was a childrens author and friend of Christina Rosetti. A lavishly-illustrated collection of stories for children. Illustrated with many coloured plates, printed by Kronheim. A decorative collection of nursery rhymes, set to music.

Illustrated with many engravings in the text by Dalziel. E" , a pseudonym for Charlotte Maria Tucker, in attractive cloth binding. A religious morality tale aimed at children, the work contains a bookplate from St Matthias's Afternoon This clearly well utilised little book has the name G K Smith in neat ink to the front pastedown as well as many contemporary personal geometrical A very scarce copy of this charming illustrated tale of children who's toys come to life whilst they're playing with them.

This work is a charming tale of two siblings, A late nineteenth century conduct guide aimed at girls. Written by the Reverend John Todd. This work intended to help young girls who are sent away to school A 'Treatise on Mensuration' is a nineteenth-century book on mathematics. It covers a variety of geometrical topics, providing tasks for students with illustrated examples. A scarcely found large format Dore edition of Perrault's fairy tales last seen at auction in Charles Perrault's fairy tales, written to honour the stories his children loved, became immediately Two volumes of 'Aunt Judy's' charming Christmas volume for children, containing short stories, poetry, and illustrations.

Two volumes of 'Aunt Judy's Christmas Magazine', for the years A scarce work of children's fiction, adapting the work of Edmund Spenser. Illustrated with vibrant plates throughout.

In this scarce work M. Towry adapts the work of the A lovely example of this children's book, featuring thirty-seven nursery rhymes and song. Undated, dated using Copac. Arranged and decorated by Walter Crane, the noted English artist and The first edition of this charming French children's work, colourfully illustrated throughout Kate Greenaway.

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The first edition of this work. Written in the original French. A children's work A smartly bound children's work on tales of historical adventures, illustrated throughout, and edited by William Anderson. A children's work. This work is a collection of daring tales from A first edition copy of this charming collection of nine songs, written and beautifully illustrated by Kate Greenaway with accompanying musical scores by the British organist Myles B Foster. A scarce early edition of this highly influential work of children's fiction, complete with the original charming illustrations by John Tenniel.

With publisher's advertisement to the rear of Illustrated throughout with numerous engravings in the text. A very scarce work of children's fiction, beautifully illustrated throughout by R. A delightful children's book by the notable children's author Juliana Horatia Ewing. Ewing was a 19th A nice, clean copy of the 42nd Peter Parley's Annual. Peter Parley was the pseudonym of Samuel Griswold Goodrich - , an American author and publisher The very scarce English edition of this charming children's picture book, by Palmer Cox.

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Many of the illustrations herein were originally Intended as a textbook for teaching useful knowledge this text is in enlarged A first edition copy of this charming and copiously illustrated collection of poems and rhymes about the various activities of childhood. This work was written by Kate Greenaway, a renowned Paper covered boards with pictorial design. First edition with several lovely black and white illustrations by Gordon Browne. Juliana Horatia Ewing - was a writer of children's stories, daughter of The Rev.

A charming victorian pictorial alphabet for children. Greenaway's paintings were reproduced by chromoxylography, by which the colours were printed A very scarce copy of this illustrated work, a poem revolving around money, illustrated by W. A colourfully illustrated children's work, written in the original French, illustrated by Maurice Bonvoisin.