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The taz recommends this book as "a depressing novel of the quietest timbres". Get the signandsight newsletter for regular updates on feature articles. A precision engineer of the emotions, Peter Nadas traces the European upheavals of the past century in his colossal and epic novel " Parallel Stories ", which was published in English in December.

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The core and epicentre of the novel is the body, which bears the marks of history and trauma. In his seemingly chaotic intertwining of lives and stories, Nadas penetrates the depths of the human animal with unique insight. A review by Joachim Sartorius read more. Beyond ideology, the two nations were deeply interested in one another.


Photo by Ilf and Petrov. Nadezhda Mandelstam 's personal memories of the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova , her intimate friend, offer a unique and moving testimony to friendship and resistance over decades of persecution. Published only after the collapse of the Soviet Union in , the text is still unavailable in English but has recently been translated into German.

A unique historical document, celebrating an intellectual icon in an age of horror. Portrait of Akhmatova by Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. This year is the th anniversary of the death of German writer Heinrich von Kleist.

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The author Gertrud Leutenegger has a very Kleistian afternoon on Elba, when she encounters the Marquise von O in the waiting room of a very strange eye doctor. The award is presented to the best German-language novel just before the start of the Frankfurt Book Fair. Here we present this year's six shortlisted authors and exclusive English translations of excerpts from their novels. Chinese dissident Liao Yiwu escaped into exile in Germany in July this year.

Both book and author have a life-threatening odyssey behind them. I am overjoyed that Liao Yiwu is here with us and not at home in prison. No other European city suffered more in World War II than Leningrad under siege , when over a million people lost their lives. Russian literature delivers a rich testimony of the events which have been all but forgotten by the West. Only a few works, though, also do the disaster aesthetic justice.

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By Oleg Yuriev read more. The most successful Croatian book of sold exactly 1, copies. Not what one could really call a market, although together the successor republics represent a single language community. A look at the situation of publishers and authors in the former Yugoslavia. By Norbert Mappes-Niediek. This year's German International Literature Award goes to " Venushaar ", a Russian novel that starts out as a dialogue between an asylum seeker and an immigration officer, and opens into a vast choir of voices. A conversation with its author Mikhail Shishkin , a literary giant in his own country, and his German translator Andreas Tretner.

Algeria's youth : Frustrated, isolated and in the stranglehold of clandestine political structures. Young Algerians are rebelling against being locked in traditional political and social structures, but have no chance of a national uprising like that in Tunisia, says Algerian author Boualem Sansal. An interview with Reiner Wandler. On what would have been Romanian philosopher E.

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Effervescing with enthusiasm for Hitler and fascist ideas, they cast a dark shadow over his later writing. Fritz Raddatz wishes he'd never had to read such abominations and bids a former companion a bitter farewell. Photo: E. Photo courtesy Bibliothek der Provinz read more.

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Serbia is having a hard time with Europe, and Europe is having a hard time with Serbia. Karl von Kahn: Es gibt den Verlust, obwohl es keinen Gewinn gibt. Strabanzer : Den Tod gibt es.

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  4. Obwohl es kein Leben Strabanzer : Patrick, das glaube ich dir nicht. Tag und Nacht, zehn Jahre. Anwalt: Er hat die zwei Millionen nicht mehr. Er ist hereingelegt worden. In St.

    Martin Walser, Carl Haffner, Michael Klapp, Ich kam auf einen anderen Gedanken. Der sprach nur streng, ja sogar mit erhobenem Stock zu dem Kleinen. Eswar sein Enkel. Victor Hugo, In der Schweiz spricht man vom Fecker. In Frankreich ist es der Clochard.