Aspekte der Lehrer-Schüler-Beziehung (German Edition)

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Menschen, Sprachen, Kulturen. Konsequenzen aus PISA. Perspektiven der Fachdidaktiken. Ditfurth, M. Postkommunikativer Fremdsprachenunterricht Interkultureller Fremdsprachenunterricht Interkulturelles Lernen. Deutsch als Fremdsprache weltweit interkulturell? Fremdsprachen lehren lernen-Lehrerausbildung in der Diskussion Taiwan an der Schwelle zum Jahrhundert - Gesellschaftlicher Wandel, Probleme und Perspektiven eines asiatischen Schwellenlandes.

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Forgot your password? Forgot password? Old Password. New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. Returning user. These groups significantly differed in their problem behavior score obtained using the child behavior checklist CBCL and in a measure of their developmental stage. Imaging results showed that dorsolateral striatal areas covaried with PE. Participants who relied less on learning based on task structure showed less prefrontal activation compared with participants who relied more on task structure.

An exploratory analysis revealed that PE-related activity was associated with pubertal development in prefrontal areas, insula and anterior cingulate. These findings support the hypothesis that the prefrontal cortex is implicated in mediating flexible goal-directed behavioral control.

Psychology , Cognitive Science , and Neurosciences. Maternal parenting behavior and emotion processing in adolescents—An fMRI study more. The present The present study investigated 83 healthy adolescents using functional magnetic resonance imaging and an emotional face-matching paradigm. The faces paradigm elicited an increased amygdala response towards negative facial expressions fearful and angry each compared to neutral faces and a significant activation of fusiform gyrus to all emotions separately fearful, happy, angry faces compared to neutral faces.

Auf Klassenfahrt erwischt: Schüler liebt seine Lehrerin - Hilf Mir!

High maternal warmth and support correlated with lower activation to fearful faces in the amygdala. Maternal supportive rather than control behavior seems to have an impact on neural emotion processing, which could also be the key factor for brain functional abnormalities in maltreated children. These results expand existent findings in maltreated children to healthy populations. The development of socio-motivational dependency from early to middle adolescence more.

Data from students on their perceptions of peers and teachers as positive motivators when students were in seventh and eighth grade were compared with data of the same sample 2 years later. Latent class analysis supported four different motivation types MT : 1 teacher-dependent MT, 2 peer-dependent MT, 3 teacher-and-peer-dependent MT, and 4 teacher-and-peer-independent MT.

Latent transition analysis revealed substantial changes between Publication Date: Publication Name: Frontiers in psychology. Psychology and Frontiers in Psychology. Development and validation of the Relationship and Motivation REMO scale to assess students' perceptions of peers and teachers as motivators in adolescence more. Analyses confirmed a two-factor solution for the teacher items and a three-factor solution for the peer items, with acceptable internal consistency, and along hypothesized conceptual dimensions.

Results indicate that the REMO scales are robust and well-suited for use in research on achievement and motivation in schools. Clarendon Press Oxford. ISBN: softcover Handel: Messiah by Donald Burrows.

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Manfred Schewe

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