Borderline Personality Disorder: New Reasons for Hope (A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book)

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Larry B. Robin Shapiro.

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Borderline Personality Disorder – New Reasons for Hope

Mindfulness and Acceptance for Addictive Behaviors. Steven C. Dual Disorders. Dennis C Daley. Your Struggling Child. Lynn Sonberg.

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Borderline Personality Disorder : New Reasons for Hope

Ceiling of the chapel at Cambridge American Cemetery. The experience left me ashamed of my textbook knowledge about the war. Many of my colleagues had a personal connection to someone involved in the war. I envied their closeness to this fascinating time in history. Belfast that it became real. Americans liberated the concentration camps on April 4, , but without a physical link to these events, it is very easy to become distanced from the realities of this war. Reading Hell Before Their Very Eyes is like walking hand and hand with the men and women who served—every word another step forward, every chapter a vivid diorama of war torn camps.

And once the last page has turned, you will feel as if you were there, another brother or sister in arms, fighting for the future. Kathryn R. Marguy joined the JHU Press staff as an editorial assistant in Congratulations to our friend and colleague, Wendy Queen! We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Wendy J. Eventually, Queen led a person staff of technology and production professionals, whose accomplishments included the development of a critically important XML workflow for the journals content, and the integration of book content from the University Press Content Consortium UPCC into the MUSE platform.

In , Social Research entered its eightieth year of continuous publication, and this year I entered my forty-fifth year of editing the journal. One anniversary is public, the other is personal. Both seem remarkable. While the papers in each issue are largely written by people within the academy, the subjects explored have been chosen because of their relevance to our political and social lives—not because of their relevance to the arcane subjects that are often the focus of heated academic debate.

Looking through the early issues of the journal, it is clear that while they were not thematic, as almost all issues have been since around , their focus was on the economic and political questions that arose during the Second World War and the post-war period. Those early issues were mainly authored by the predominantly European founding members of the University in Exile and the early Graduate Faculty, many of whom had played some role in political affairs in Europe prior to the war and in the United States after coming here, such as Hans Speier, whose brief biography like those of all the authors whose work is republished here appears at the end of this issue.

This explains, at least in part, why the journal was so deeply engaged with concerns outside the academy. That focus began to shift in the s. I chose the latter path, and within a few years had moved from issues that were primarily miscellanies of essays to ones that were entirely thematic and for which all the papers were invited.

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In we initiated an ongoing series that addressed transitions to democracy around the world, beginning with several issues on East and Central Europe after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and continuing with issues on South Africa, China, Iran, India, and Egypt, to name just a few. We continue to seek out authors not only from Europe but other parts of the world as well in an effort to prevent too provincial a focus and to try to maintain the international strengths of the early issues.

The papers from each conference are published as special issues of the journal. We are, of course, grateful to our loyal readers and to the many authors who have written for the journal over these 80 years. Arien Mack , the Alfred J. Filed under Journals. I know someone who needed surgery. He was born by emergent C-section and had stomach surgery at 2 months and an appendectomy at Yet despite that reality, the global health community has not recognized the urgent need for surgical care.

Surgery and anesthesia are integral to the treatment of traumatic injuries and obstructed labor. Many infectious complications need surgery.