Cape Fear Rising

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Monday, with a projection of Flood stage is 25 feet. After Matthew, it hit Evacuations were ordered Sunday morning for residents in the Kelly area near the river, and on Saturday evening for residents in the Tar Heel area near the river. Chrysta Carroll can be reached at or ccarroll bladenjournal. Alan Wooten can be reached at or awooten bladenjournal.

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  4. Fear near Cape Fear rises with the river, and the death toll from Florence keeps growing.
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Facebook Twitter. All young people are invited to Sunshine Camp.


Loved ones did not have to be LCFH patients for a young person to attend. Lower Cape Fear Hospice is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the highest level of care and comfort to patients with life-limiting illness; support and counseling to families; and education to the community.

July 8 am - pm. Space is limited. It is one of the oldest social clubs of continuous existence in the Southeast. The club, which remains an all-male organization, has switched locations several times through downtown Wilmington.

Cape Fear Rising

One of the buildings sold to the club in was the former house of banker James Dawson, on the northwest corner of Front and Chesnut St. Get Directions to Location. It was purchased by the club in and torn down in to build the Murchison building. Robert M. Fales Collection.

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This brick Neoclassical Revival structure has been used by the men's club since it was constructed in Cape Fear Historical Institute. Overhead, electric ceiling fans rotated lazily, gently humming.

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Members and their guests. White men who owned things.

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This was a place of business, of public privacy, each table a confidential enclave. It was Waddell's idea: bring them into the big house, let them see the world the were up against. The limited acceptance by the club is connected to the racial attitudes possessed by these white businessmen. Got to be born into it, or buy your way in, if they'll let you.