Everything Beautiful Happens at Night

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Jeremy had cooked some tasty eggs and we had a nice breakfast, again, sitting right by the wood-burning stove. By am, we were rolling again.

First Complete Recording

At some point, everyone except for Brooks and Craig took off to go into town…I think they needed to make a food run for the evening meal. After a scant 20 minutes, the insert was finished and the editing done. Just in time for the return of the fellahs from their errand, so it was time to get tracking again.

They nailed some of the tunes on the first try, all of the songs were done absolutely live…. Just music. As I recall, there were two tunes that the band was having a bit of difficulty capturing.

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As the day was winding down and turning into night, it was decided that there were going to be retakes of these two tunes. This was the point where I did pretty much the only producing I did during the recording of the album…. I think my pep talk and booze suggestion may have helped a bit, because they nailed it.

This is probably the most artsy of the whole record…. While the band was listening to playback, I went out in the live room, turned out all the lights, lit up some candles….

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A suggestion was made for an ambient intro that would last about 2 minutes or so, just to get the mood going, then play the song down, and do an ambient outtro. So, we had finished the basics, and decided to do some small overdubs.

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There were some gang vocals done, all live into one mic, again with the mackie powered speaker as foldback no headphones man! At some point, probably around midnight, we decided we were done recording.

Everything Beautiful is Far Away – Nitehawk Cinema – Williamsburg

Did some rough mixes that evening. Actually, rough mixed all of the songs. Off to bed at around 2am…not too late, but a long day, with really no breaks. They swam against the current and out toward the beach — to their jumble of possessions in the glow of early evening. They packed up without saying much. When they reached the top of the cliff, George and Henry found the scooters and wheeled them quietly toward the road.

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  • Just as they were about to mount them, Rebecca stopped. The rest of the novel portrays the remaining characters trying to pick up the pieces and reconcile with the event that changed their lives. Once you get past the annoyingly vague prologue more on that in a minute , the story is easy to read and intriguing.

    The characters are likeable and well-written, although George, by far, is the most interesting. A kind-hearted loner with an unfortunate drinking problem, George spent Saturday nights in college copying whole sections of the Iliad and the Odyssey in ancient Greek.

    Everything Beautiful Began After by Simon Van Booy

    During his freshman year, he stayed up for two days listening to Bach partitas on repeat without headphones. When his roommate moved out, George wrote him the following note:.

    Everything Beautiful Happens at Night

    When Johann Sebastian Bach was nine years old, he copied out an entire library of music. He sneaked out of his bedroom, went downstairs, quietly turned the metal circle that lifted the latch and worked quickly in a blaze of moonlight. The passions we cannot control are the ones that define us. The major fault of the book is the embellished, emotional, fluffy writing, which some readers will find hard to look past. A few, well-placed philosophical sentences that make sense and are in context would have worked, but this type of writing detracts from the story, rather than adds to it.

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