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There weren't a lot of details available, and when they got to the Fifth Avenue Hotel -- that's where they were staying -- they were surrounded by reporters. Vice-President, the assassin said that he shot President Garfield on your behalf. What do you have to say? Candice Millard, Author, Destiny of the Republic : The idea that this corrupt puppet might become president is just unbelievable.

Across the country people are rising up in anger believing that Chester Arthur wants nothing more than for Garfield to die so he can get his hands on the presidency, with Conkling behind him. Narrator : There was plenty of fodder for conspiracy theories, starting with the gunman himself. Ever since he shot the president, he had been telling anyone who would listen about his connections to Chester Arthur. Charles Guiteau Will Janowitz : Don't you worry my friend. You stick to me. Arthur and all those men are my friends, and I'll have you made Chief of Police. Todd Arrington, Garfield National Historic Site : Guiteau genuinely believes that Arthur will reward him, pardon him and give him a job, and view him as a hero.

Nancy Tomes, Historian : Guiteau was jubilant. He had executed his plan in his mind to perfection. He sat there fully expecting that they were going to remove him from jail, and celebrate his having ridded the Republic of this bad president. Narrator : All day, Garfield had been afraid that he would die without seeing Lucretia once more. Time and again he asked after her.

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For Lucretia, the day had been an agony of suspense as she struggled to reach her husband. Mary Lintern, Garfield National Historic Site : When Lucretia arrives at the White House she was still frail from malaria, but she summons up the strength to see her husband.

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Garfield starts talking to his wife about plans for the future without him and she says, "No, do not speak again of death, I am here to nurse you back to life. Narrator : Within 24 hours of the shooting, more than a dozen doctors had examined the president. But one of them had clearly taken charge. Lucretia Garfield Kathryn Erbe : Doctor. I am very grateful.

Jim Davis is forced to clear up Garfield's gender

Garfield speaks highly of you. Your husband is a remarkable patient. His courage and fortitude are almost unique.

But in order for him to heal, he needs rest and isolation. This is why I have screened off his bed, and prohibited visitors.

Lucretia Garfield Kathryn Erbe : I can't leave him. When I was ill he was at my bedside night and day. You're still in delicate health. You mustn't fall ill again, for your sake, and for his. Lucretia Garfield Kathryn Erbe : It is a comfort to know he is in such capable hands. Narrator : That morning, Dr. Bliss sent a letter to the other physicians, informing them that their services were no longer necessary. They all respected what they assumed to be the president's wishes. With that, Dr. Bliss gained complete control of the case, and of the information reaching the public.

As the weeks passed, it appeared that Garfield had been spared, and his recovery was in good hands. Grateful Americans flooded the White House with letters of support, prayer, and advice. Telegram Man 1 Actor, audio : Dear Mr. President, the employees of the Southwest freight station of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad tender their sincere congratulations on your escape from death and earnestly pray for your recovery.

Telegram Woman 2 Actor, audio : The Point Chautauqua Baptist Union hereby give expression to their profound admiration for the fortitude and sublime Christian faith of the president. Telegram Man 3 Actor, audio : Dear President, I am a young man, and I've always felt that you were a true friend to young men educationally, morally, religiously, and politically.

Telegram Man 4 Actor, audio : Sir, the citizens of Newport invite you to become their guest and to receive their hospitality during your convalescence. Our citizens will place at your disposal a suitable residence, and whatever may be necessary or convenient for you, while you will consent to tarry with us. Telegram Man 5 Actor, audio : Sir, I send you two Woodcocks killed by myself on the battlefield of Monocacy expressly for you.

Murder of a President

They were killed o'clock. I hope you will enjoy them. Telegram Woman 4 Actor, audio : Mr. Garfield, I watched very careful your sickness since the time you was shot, and feel very happy at the good news that you are getting better every day now. We pray that you will soon be able to watch over our great country again.

Nancy Tomes, Historian : Garfield's immune system was fighting back sufficiently that he did seem to improve. He also became more optimistic, his family became more optimistic, despite the trauma of the shooting. Lucretia Garfield Kathryn Erbe, audio : I hope the dangers are nearly passed. My heart is full of gratitude, so full that I have no words wherewith to express it. There's a great outpouring of sympathy and support for the president, and for the first lady as well. She's almost always by his side, she's in the White House with him, she's taking care of him, trying to nurse him back to health.

James Garfield Shuler Hensley : Mollie won't like that -- they've made her look very strange. Sir, they've done Mrs.

Garfield a great injustice. Very good. And… yes, good. Now, try to relax.

La diète, jamais! (Garfield, #7) by Jim Davis

Lucretia Garfield Kathryn Erbe : He's so much better. We've been spared. Doctor Bliss, I'd like to introduce a family friend -- and the president's cousin -- Dr. Silas Boynton. But I'm afraid you've wasted your time, Doctor -- the crisis has passed. Boynton stays. It would be a comfort to see a familiar face We're due to change the president's dressings -- so you might both want to step outside.


Silas Boynton Daniel Pearce : I would very much like to observe, if you don't mind. Sir, this won't but take just a second. Just a few seconds. Very good, sir. Just going to change your dressings. Candice Millard, Author, Destiny of the Republic : Bliss, like most of the doctors in the United States, didn't really even believe in germs at that time. They wouldn't even change or wash their surgical aprons.

They felt that the more blood and pus that was encrusted on them, the more experience it showed. Nancy Tomes, Historian : The germ theory was in the air, but it was still a theory. One of the most important popularizers of germ theory was a Scottish surgeon named Joseph Lister, who said to himself, "If there are living germs in the air while surgeons are operating, that could be the source of wound infections.

So I am going to experiment as a surgeon by using disinfectant. So antisepsis was the removal of germs. It's what the phrase meant. He does this starting in the mid's and he sees a spectacular reduction in post-operative infection. By the early 's there's an awareness of Lister's theory and Lister's technique. Did everyone believe Lister?

Candice Millard, Author, Destiny of the Republic : Like many other doctors, Bliss believed that antisepsis was still too unproven, and he's not going to risk the president's health on any sort of newfangled medical idea. He thought it was ridiculous to fear something you couldn't even see. You just get some rest. Silas Boynton Daniel Pearce : The wound looks inflamed -- have you cleaned it? Doctor, shall we go over the prognosis? Boynton, you may be the president's cousin, but he is my patient. Silas Boynton Daniel Pearce : I don't have a practice.