La ragazza tatuata (Scrittori italiani e stranieri) (Italian Edition)

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In the s, he worked with many important dance bands. Some arrangements attributed to Stone can be heard on particular records by the Savoy Orpheans and Ray Starita and his Ambassador's Band During —, Stone's arrangements for the Bert Ambrose Orchestra made it virtually the best in Europe. The HMV discs are today sought after as much for those arrangements as for the superb instrumentalists or vocals.

Stone continued to work with other bands like Jack Hylton's and Jack Payne's BBC Dance Orchestra, and he also took several top musicians into the studio to make a few recordings that were issued on the Duophone label as 'Lewis Stone and his Orchestra'. Festival di Sanremo: a. The song was released as a single in June by Italdisc. It became a commercial success in Italy, topping the charts for eleven consecutive weeks and later returning to number one for three additional weeks.

The song was entirely written by Gino Paoli, who was still a little known singer-songwriter. Dori Ghezzi born 30 March is an Italian singer who was active as a recording artist between and In the s, Ghezzi worked mainly in a duo with American singer Wess, and the couple represented Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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After winning a regional song festival in , Ghezzi was offered a recording contract with Milan-based record label Durium. In the following years, she released several successful singles including "Vivere per vivere" and "Casatschock". Ghezzi made her first appearance in the San Remo Festival in , performing "Occhi a mandorla", a duet with Rossano, but the song failed to qualify for the final. In the period , Ghezzi mainly recorded Italian cover versions of popular French and British songs of the time. With Wess In , Ghezzi's fellow Durium recording artist Wess suggested that the pair team up as a duo to record "Voglio stare con te", a version of B.

Umberto Bindi 12 May — 23 May was an Italian singer-songwriter. It was later performed by singers in English and other languages. He wrote his first song, "T'ho perduto" "I've Lost You" , in He made his professional debut in Italian popular music in with his composition, "Arrivederci". The song was recorded by Don Marino Barreto Jr.

Bindi's first album, Umberto Bindi e le sue canzoni, was released in Bindi also wrote and recorded a number of songs that would make him known to the larger public in Italy. A few of these became classic hits there, covered many times: besides "Ar. Opera, also spelled as Gli Opera, was an Italian pop-rock band, active between and Career The group formed on the initiative of the singer Filiberto Ricciardi, following the dissolution of his previous group, Gens.

They debuted in the edition of Festivalbar with the song "Donna di chi", which briefly entered the Italian hit parade.

The competed in the festival two more times, in and in , with the songs "Il diario dei segreti" and "Guerriero". After his employment in a nightclub was terminated by the police, he returned home, but soon after departed again to relaunch his career. He soon became one of the best-known jazz trumpeters in Italy, reaching the crest of his popularity in the s.

Rosso's original was quickly released on the Durium label and also made the charts, but was less successful than the cover. His worldwide hit "Il Silenzio" went to 1 in Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and sold over five million copies by the end of In the. An audio format is a medium for sound recording and reproduction. The term is applied to both the physical recording media and the recording formats of the audio content—in computer science it is often limited to the audio file format, but its wider use usually refers to the physical method used to store the data.

Music is recorded and distributed using a variety of audio formats, some of which store additional information. Timeline of audio format developments Year Physical media formats Recording formats Phonautogram The famous phonautogram created in is the first recording ever made Mechanical analog; sound waveform transcribed to paper or glass Piano roll A piano roll used in a player piano Mechanical digital Vacuum operated piano Music Box disc 8'' disc for playback on a music box Mechanical digital Vacuum operated music box Late s Brown Wax Cylinder A collection of brown wax cylinders, vertical-groove Mechanical analog; vertical groov.

Vanadium was an Italian heavy metal band from Milan. It was one of the first heavy rock bands to appear on the Peninsula and is considered among the most successful European exponents of the genre. Musically influenced by bands like Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Uriah Heep, Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, they had a difficult start due to scarce popularity of the genre in Italy, but managed to obtain a reasonable degree of success abroad. Following the break through of their first single We Want Live with Rock 'n' Roll Durium, , they went on to record seven studio albums and the live On Streets of Danger Their third album, Game Over , is possibly their most successful, with figure sales of about 54, copies.

Dee D. In the s, she worked as a film producer in Munich, Germany, before moving into music, working with Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey. Career After years working for other artists, Jackson released her first single in , "Man of a Man", which has not been included in any of her albums. The single did not get the public's attention.

Her next attempt was the release of her biggest single, "Automatic Lover" in , which reached No. In Germany, the single reached No. In Brazil, the success was such that the Brazilian media produced its own version of Dee D. A Brazilian girl Regina Shakti dressed like Jackson, and along with her robot and a meteor man, were introduced on TV programs there as the real Dee D.

Shakti was intr. Dominic Nicholas Anthony Lucinese August 22, — July 28, , known professionally as Nick Lucas, was the first jazz guitarist to record as a soloist. His popularity during his lifetime came from his reputation as a singer. His signature song was "Tiptoe Through the Tulips".

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In , Gibson Guitars proposed to build him a concert guitar with a deeper body. Known as the "Nick Lucas Special," it became a popular model with guitarists. In the same year, he began recording for Brunswick and remained one of their exclusive artists until In , Lucas co-starred in the Warner Bros.

The same year, Lucas was featured in the studio's all-star revue, The Show of Shows. Tullio Mobiglia April 12, — July 24, was an Italian jazz saxophonist and bandleader. He was born in Carezzano, and died, aged 80, in Helsinki. Dik Dik in Dik Dik is an Italian beat-pop-rock band, named for the antelope Dik-dik,[1] established in the s and still in activity.

They were most popular in the late s, when they released a string of hit singles with the contribution of renowned lyric-writer Mogol and songwriter Lucio Battisti,[2][3] their greatest successes being Sognando la California and Senza luce, respectively covers of California Dreamin' by The Mamas and Papas and A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum. Noted for his long association with saxophonist Ornette Coleman, which began in the late s, Cherry was a pioneer in world fusion music in the s. Early life Cherry was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to a mother of Choctaw descent through his maternal grandmother, and an African-American father.

Though found in numerous arrangements and commonly sung, it is traditionally associated with the zampogna, or large-format Italian bagpipe. History The melody and original lyrics for the hymn were written by Alphonsus Liguori, a prominent Neapolitan priest and scholastic philosopher later canonized who founded the Redemptorist missionary order. In , while staying at Convent of the Consolation, one of his order's houses in the small city of Deliceto in the province of Foggia in southeastern Italy, he wrote the Christmas song that begins "You come down from the stars" entitled "Little song to Child Jesus".

This version with Italian lyrics actually came after the original song written in Neapolitan entitled "For Jesus' birt. The label was active until Retrieved 1 December Amedeo Minghi born 12 August is an Italian singer-songwriter, composer and producer. Life and career Born in Rome, Minghi started his career in the mids participating to a large number of musical contests, and then making his professional debut in with the single "Alla fine", with lyrics by Mogol.

Giuni Russo born Giuseppa Romeo, 10 September — 14 September was an Italian singer-songwriter who specialised in experimental music after a short successful stint as art-pop singer in the early s. Busy with several family matters Giuni is the eighth of nine siblings her father Pietro Romeo registered his new born baby girl Giuseppa 3 days later, on 10 September. Her teacher offered her own desk to Giuni to be used as a stage but Giuni was so shy she'd prefer to perform hiding herself behind the classroom's door.

A first try to come out was on the little stage of Music opposite to the "Politeama Theatre" in Palermo. Her family didn't know what was going on and no one of them knew she was taki. The discography of American singer and songwriter Donna Summer features seventeen studio albums recorded between and , two live albums and a large amount of compilation albums and guest appearances.

Initially released in by Featherbed a group of session musicians featuring Barry Manilow , produced and co-written by Tony Orlando, it was later re-recorded as a Barry Manilow solo track, given a first album and single release in on Bell Records and - after remixing - an album and single rerelease in on Arista Records. The re-release became one of Manilow's first hits. Poi, ci sono gli anniversari. I Radiohead, infatti, usavano minacciarsi di chiamare la "polizia del karma" se avessero fatto qualcosa di male.

Il testo, infatti, richiama le vicende dell'Easter Rising del Con questo singolo il gruppo ha raggiunto la prima posizione della Billboard Hot e rimase per quattro settimane , ha ricevuto anche una candidatura come migliore canzone agli Oscar , piazzandosi secondo solo dopo When You Believe di Hans Zimmer contenuta nel lungometraggio Il principe d'Egitto.

Per questa canzone il gruppo aveva pensato a un titolo diverso: Peter Pan Complex, ma la casa discografica lo ha rifiutato. Ha raggiunto la posizione numero 1 nella classifica della Billboard Modern Rock Tracks. Altre interpretazioni suggeriscono che il brano rappresenti la fase di riunificazione della Germania con il crollo del muro di Berlino. Dimenticati in qualche cassetto, impolverati, sbiaditi o segnati dal tempo: quanti dischi vivono in queste condizioni?

Oggetti che hanno il delicatissimo compito di riprodurre emozioni.

Le copertine nei cari vecchi LP non sono soltanto delle immagini inserite per riempire un vuoto. Questo storico tour fu seguito ed immortalato dalla fotografa della rivista britannica NME, Pennie Smith. Racchiuse tutti i suoi scatti nel libro fotografico The Clash: Before an after. Dopo aver girato gran parte degli Stati Uniti, i Clash approdarono a New York, dove avevano in programma due concerti al Palladium.

La foto immortala un bambino di quattro mesi, Spencer Elden, fotografato in una piscina di Pasadena, California, dal fotografo Kirk Weddle. Cobain si oppose duramente, considerando dei pedofili repressi quelli che si scandalizzano per una foto del genere.

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Scattata dal fotografo Joel Brodsky , sotto esplicita richiesta di Jim Morrison. La foto immortala personaggi grotteschi, quasi felliniani in una via di Manhattan. WAR — U2. Questa foto fece di Lou Reed il simbolo della trasgressione e della vita sregolata, facendolo diventare il Frankenstein del rock. La posa artistica di Ernst Thormahlen , giovane ragazzo ritratto in jeans, maglietta bianca e cappello da biker, non fu accettata. Nulla di eclatante, a parte i pantaloni attillati che mostravano una vistosa erezione. Leggendario scatto dei fratelli nel loro classico abbigliamento rock e ribelle.

La band virtuale ed elettronica si rappresenta con personaggi disegnati. Introdotti a gruppi di sette, i visitatori potevano aggirarsi nelle varie stanze, toccare gli oggetti, sedersi, fare selfie, postare sui social, giocare con la app, insomma vivere il disco a gradi.


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