Les impostures antichrétiennes (French Edition)

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I'll re-read them until I am dead. But I will agree with the critics on one point; MadDonald's non-McGee books are pure dynamite, and explore dimensions unavailable to an author when writing about a serial character. The prose will seem familiar to any McGee fan, even though this one is written in third person and from multiple points-of-view, unlike the serial stories told strictly in Travis' world-weary-yet-romantic first-person narrative. But the plot itself is the difference in this book.

This one is hugely suspenseful, and you read along wondering if justice can ever emerge from such a tawdry, sordid environment.

The decent folk are revealed to have dark secrets. The good people yield to temptation and self-delusion. The bad people prove to be three-dimensionally human. You read along as MacDonald ratchets up the tension. You know things are going to go bad, and you know who you want to prevail and who you want to lose.

Les Impostures du réel - Frédérick Tristan - Entretien auteur 2/6 : les origines du roman

But you don't know who it's going to go bad for, and you don't know if anyone will be able to make justice happen once things do go wrong. You read along knowing the bad guys might win, and that this might be one of those books that points out the inequities of the universe, as opposed to a hero story. Once things do go horribly wrong, you find yourself binge-reading to see what will happen next.

This is a page-turner, make no mistake. Parts of the book seem dated.

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The women, for one thing, seem to exist primarily to be used by men. MacDonald, in his McGee series, makes a habit of female characters who provide the hero with lots of sex without actually compelling him to commit to anything. These books are, in many aspects, male fantasy. It may be accurate, it may not be accurate, but it sure as hell feels real while you read it. And while it has a very strong early Sixties vibe to it, the story could easily be told about the Vegas of today.

And his female characters do get used, but they have their own strengths and independence, too. MacDonald is a master suspense writer. He was prolific, too, and I continue to pounce on his work whenever I find it.

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I think you ought to do the same. This is the good stuff, friends. Jul 06, Adrien rated it liked it Shelves: pulp-crime. Las Vegas, Straight arrow hotel manager vs the mafia casino manager and the girl who gets caught in between.

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John D. MacDonald is always good for a rainy day.

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IF you liked the Scorsese movie 'Casino' and are looking for a book with that vibe, you could do worse. Feb 05, Sam Reaves rated it really liked it. I've been exploring John D. MacDonald's non-Travis books recently, and I'm wondering what took me so long. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading The Girl in the Game Bookeveryone. Belarus is another question.

Now, whoever can tell me what the Germans are gonna do, is gonna tell me about the next 20 years of history, but unfortunately the Germans haven't made up their mind, and this is the problem of Germany always. Enormously economically powerful, geopolitically very fragile, and never quite knowing how to reconcile the two. Ever since this has been the German question, the question of Europe. Think about the German question, because now it's coming up again. That's the next question that we have to address and we don't know how to address it, we don't know what they are going to do.

Two maps fighting for a new shape of Europe and the World. The soul looks often back into the 9th century where the shaping of the future Europe was initiated through pope Nicholas I. Nicholas was, aided by his wise counsellor, actually drawing the new map of Europe for the second millennium. It was his mission to prepare the world historic separation of the West from the East to bring about an independent Central European culture. Many people were involved in this separation In those days there was still a closeness to the spiritual world Yet the inhabitants of Central and Western Europe were striving away from the spiritual beings.

Already at that time they needed to prepare for materialism. For the dead thought images contain no immediate driving forces, as emotions and instincts do. Therefore in any action based on thought this driving force is nothing else but man's own free will. Herein lies the deeper meaning of developing the faculty of looking at mere material processes, at dead matter to which dead thoughts are the corresponding counterpart.

This was Europe's mission, and this mission has been achieved. Therefore modern Europe should take a new step — and use free thought now for the knowledge of supersensible realities, as done in spiritual science. Without the spirits the Europeans will make their machines and their institutions.

They will excel at that. Now according to a number of other messages it gets quite clear to the soul that the separation-task has been completely fulfilled with the end of the last incarnation on earth. Our task From this point of view the still prevailing borderline between Roman and Orthodox Christianity which was the result of the church policy of Nicholas and which again with renewed strength runs across Europe in our own days is totally outdated.

And the soul experiences it as a blessing that he was not have to wage a war against the East in the last incarnation. The bridging mission, which is his task at the end of the century and the beginning of the next can unfold itself on unspoiled ground. Thus the Moltke individuality so to speak draws a new map of Europe and the world which obliterates the old borders between the East and the West and abolishes the frontiers between the orthodox and Roman Christendom. This spiritual map with the realization of which the individuality sees himself deeply connected for the present and near future stands in the sharpest possible contrast to the main forces now shaping European and World politics.

We should like to remind our readers of a map published in the British magazine the Economist in September , just one hundred years after The Kaiser's Dream was published in the magazine Truth. On this map which is accompanied by a very serious commentary we see a huge continent called Euro-America, another huge continent called Euro-Asia and some huge islands called Islamistan, Confuciana and Hinduland. On the earth of Euro-America we see a kind of kneeling pilgrim father, on the soil of Euro-Asia an orthodox pope.

If we look closely enough we see that the two halves of Europe are exactly divided along the borderline of Roman Catholicism and the orthodox belief! This map is in perfect tune with the new political philosophy of Samuel Huntington which outlined the coming clashes between the different types of world civilisations based on different religions and confessions.

And both this map and Huntington's philosophy are being actually put into outward historical reality. All the countries now admitted to the European Union belong, according to this criteria, to Euro-America. In reality, the map from The Economist , the corresponding philosophy of clashes of civilisations and both their realization in European and world politics today are nothing else then a renewal of the impulses of Nicholas in the 9th century. This means that on the level of international politics the real conflict at the end of this century is by no means that between different civilisations as Huntington suggests, but the somewhat more hidden conflict between the renewal of impulses which were adapted to the need of the second millennium, and those needed by humanity for the third millennium.

And because the old one is not appropriate any more to modern humanity it can only create but chaos.

Mais qu'importe, si les marchands de canons US s'en mettent plein les poches. Les peuples, pour la plupart n'y voient que du feu, gobent avidement ce qui les conforte. Taisez-vous, profanes, vous n'avez pas le droit au chapitre…. Comme en Et comme en Cela ne vous rappelerait-il pas les massacres de civils allemands de Bromberg par les Polonais en ? Mais l'Ours russe ne bouge toujours pas The well-defined goal is to bring this budding socialist impulse under the control of the anti-social group. This goal cannot be reached if Middle Europe summons up appreciation and sympathy for the budding Eastern impulse and seeks to unite with it.

Only because this group is located within the Anglo-American world has the present constellation of alliances arisen 1 : it is a subordinate factor which conceals all the real conflicts and interests. The moment that Middle Europe reveals this fact to the world, an untrue constellation will be replaced by a true one. For this reason the war will continue in one form or another for so long until the German and the Slav peoples have joined together with the common goal of liberating mankind from the yoke of the West.

There are only two possibilities: either one unmasks the lie with which the West is obliged to operate, if it is to have success, one must say : the leaders of the Anglo-American cause promote a movement originating from impulses which arose before the French Revolution and which intends to achieve the control of the world through the means of power provided by capitalism; to achieve this control these leaders make use of the impulses of the Revolution, but only as empty phrases, behind which they conceal their real motives. Rudolf Steiner.

Les impostures antichrétiennes : Des apocryphes au Da Vinci Code

Sauver quoi? If no alternative is found, then the German people can only be brought by force to acceptance of this programme and the further course of European history will demonstrate the correctness of what has been said because the realization of Wilson's programme will bring the European peoples to ruin. One must view the situation in Central Europe without illusion with regard to what those personalities have believed for so many years and considered from their point of view as the law of world development: that the Anglo-American race owns the future of world development and that it should take over responsibility for the inheritance of the Latin race and for the education of the Russian race.

When an Englishman or American who deems himself to be initiated sets out this geo-political formula, it is always made clear that the German element should have no say in the ordering of the world because of its insignificance in world political matters, that the Latin element does not need to be considered because it will die out in any case, and that the Russian element has someone who makes himself into this element's educator. One would not need to think too much of such a confession of faith if it lived in the heads of a few people inclined to political fantasy or Utopia.

Yet English politics uses countless means to make this programme into the practical content of its real global policy, and from the perspective of England the present coalition in which it finds itself could not be better suited for turning this programme into reality. Wilson exprime ses intentions.

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The Entente's real war aims have been veiled in a questionable way in the manner in which M. Wilson gives expression to his intentions. One cannot avoid dealing with the former when dealing with the latter. Achieving the cleverest conceptual refutation of the Wilson 'programme' is not of relevance at this time. We are not currently dealing with arguments to distinguish who is right and who is not. In the area with which we are here concerned the only thing of value is what happens or has the potential to make things happen. And thoughts that are thought and spoken of as seeds for present and future actions only have value when they are carried in the sense here indicated.

Wilson's words are not spoken by a literary friend of humanity. They are the banner to which the Americans are arming themselves, and the deeds that the Entente have accomplished against Central Europe has to fight against that which is proclaimed under this banner as going into battle for the benefit of humanity, for the liberation of peoples.