Manual de inquisidores (Spanish Edition)

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Items related to Manual de inquisidores. Edicion Facsimilar Spanish Home Nicolau Eimeric Manual de inquisidores. Edicion Facsimilar Spanish Edition. Stock Image. Manual de inquisidores. Published by Editorial Maxtor, New Condition: New Soft cover.

Save for Later. Shipping: Free Within U. About this Item Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Bookseller Inventory n Ask Seller a Question. Bibliographic Details Title: Manual de inquisidores. About this title Synopsis: Extracto del directorio de inquisidores compuesto por el inquisidor general de Aragon, Nicolao Eymerico, hacia mediados del siglo XIV y dirigido a sus colegas.

My third book of human depredation and horror. My third book of alienation and lost love. Unloved children Lobo Antunes paints a disturbing view of the world - but he never seems to get beyond what is real. He is always within reach of the believable. No matter how far he goes in his infernal travels, the reader, at least this reader, cannot get off. Human existence is always the topic of discussion.

The technique in The Inquisitors Manual is one of report and commentary by numerous witnesses to the events. Everyone has a point of view - everyone suffers. Everyone loses. The topic is power and loss in the time of the Salazar dictatorship in Portugal. Power is abused. The central character, the Minister, takes everything he wants, brutally and sadistically.

Manual de inquisidores (The Inquisitors' Manual)

But he possesses none of it. The one thing he wants most, the love of his wife, escapes him. And so he abuses the women around him And then comes the loss of power, complete loss of power: ' Flesh and blood, sweat and urine and shit. We like to pretend that we are strong; that we are rational; that we are good. It's always a struggle.

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It's so easy to slip and fall into the muck we have made with our own bodies. It's not really a work of the imagination. This is Dante's Inferno brought to the surface and made real. I shall continue to read Lobo Antunes. I suppose I want to see his world, our human world, from all of the angles. View all 7 comments. Mar 03, Jonathan rated it it was amazing Shelves: death-by-books , to-read , favorites. Exceptionally good. Highly recommended. The writing of this author is also very peculiar and original: long paragraphs current multiple pages, interspersed by the obsessions of the characters who return as leitmotifs punctuate the novel of their unfathomable anguish before a reality that overwhelms them.

We didn't feel any sympathy for these characters: Antunes described in this novel the human condition on the side of reality, that of a selfish and bloodthirsty beast. From the overwhelming literature to read. Que saudades eu tinha de Lobo Antunes. Voltar tanto tempo depois a ler este livro deu-me um prazer imenso. Foi como voltar aquele tempo em que descobri este enorme escritor, que tanto impacto teve em mim. Pena que eu vergonhosamente tenha perdido a capacidade de acompanhar os seus novos livros.

Jun 20, David M added it. I'd be curious to hear what other people think. It didn't quite hit home for me, but then sometimes I think I've lost the ability to read novels. I'd like to say something more interesting than just calling it Faulknerian, but well Incontinence and cuckoldry, the things a man can never live down. View all 6 comments. Jun 28, Charity rated it it was amazing. My first contribution to goodreads I picked the last novel I've read that really wowed me.

I'd heard about Antunes from a number of people; this is the first novel I've read. Stylistically brilliant, and clearly the work of a master empathist. Postmodern techniques that I've seen many authors wear like expensive suits are the ink in his pen. The theme is weighty -- tyranny, on a large and a small scale, so not an easy book to read. I at first winced at the comparisons to Faulkner printed on t My first contribution to goodreads I at first winced at the comparisons to Faulkner printed on the book's jacket, but he's earned them, in my opinion.

Can't wait to read more of his work, and can't believe it took me this long to find my way to him : Highly recommended, though were I to loan this to someone I'd warn them that the journey will be one through dark places. Be prepared to navigate by touch alone, and watch out for sharp corners. Portugal durante o governo do Salazar Mar 30, Blake Zedar rated it really liked it.

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Paranoia, power, and submission. Antunes conveyed those three human emotions through a multitude of characters, using Portugal's Carnation Revolution as a backdrop.

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Richard Zenith did an amazing job translating this from Portugese to English as the prose is superb. Some may be offput by the structure and grammer, but I felt it really contributed to the themes of the novel. This book might not be for everyone, but for me, its one of the best novels Ive read that I have no intention of re-rea Paranoia, power, and submission. This book might not be for everyone, but for me, its one of the best novels Ive read that I have no intention of re-reading.

Antunes has made me a fan and I am looking forward to reading his other novels! Com tudo isto arranja ainda tempo para arruinar o cunhado. Mar 07, L.

Manual de inquisidores (Contemporanea / Contemporary) (Spanish Edition) by Antunes, Antonio Lobo

This novel was a major disappointment from a novelist who a few years ago I was prepared to worship. Let me just say that all his novels from the s are worth the effort, including his masterpiece, "Fado Alexandrino. Apparently, he used them because he felt insecure; now he was just going to trust, I don't know, content? Read any free ebook online with light steps.

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