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Gruelle can hardly be ignored by serious doll collectors. Is it true that the Raggedy Ann doll was used to represent the anti-vaccination movement? Raggedy Ann has been historically associated with the anti-vaccination movement, and there is some truth and some fiction associated with this belief. The tragic truth that still wrenches our hearts to this day is that Johnny Gruelle's little daughter died after being given a mandatory smallpox vaccination at school.

The Strange Link Between Raggedy Ann and the Anti-Vaxxers

The child was just 13 years old, and her loss was devastating to Johnny Gruelle, who then became a proponent of the anti-vaccination movement. However, there is an absurd school of thought that asserts that the Raggedy Ann doll was created as a limp and lifeless-looking creature to symbolize Gruelle's dead child. This is certainly not the case, and Gruelle's registered patent of the Raggedy Ann character occurred right around the time of Marcella's death.

Evidence indicates that he had been working on perfecting Raggedy Ann prior to this tragedy in his family. Modern anti-vaccination proponents have, indeed, used Raggedy Ann dolls to illustrate their position, but this was certainly not the original idea behind the doll. I have never seen any documentary evidence that Johnny Gruelle, himself, used the image of Raggedy Ann to protest mandatory vaccinations. However, he did make his stance quite well known to the publishers of Physical Culture magazine, who asked him to illustrate an article about vaccinations.

He responded to the request with a grim, political-style cartoon showing a small child hanging in the balance of a scale held by an ape-like figure. Following his daughters death, Gruelle took a leave of absence from his job at The Star and when he returned, the doll sat on his desk. He penned the stories he told to his daughter. The first Raggedy Ann book was published in Gruelle left The Star in Until his death of heart disease in , Gruelle wrote and illustrated nearly 40 Raggedy Ann and Andy books.

As my accompanying photos shows, Raggedy Ann dolls over the years have become a little bit like snowflakes - go to an auction, and you'll come away believing that no two dolls are quite alike. The striped socks, printed dress, and white pinafore seem to be common across the spectrum of most Raggedy Ann dolls, but new doll collectors are often surprised to discover that the original Raggedy Ann doll had brown hair - not the flaming red that has become so familiar.

The earliest Raggedy Ann dolls will bear a mark stating Patented Sept. In addition to the brown yarn hair, they have tin or wooden button eyes, and are made completely of cloth. The nose is quite thin. The eyelashes are painted far below the eyes, and there is no white outline around the eyes. Some of these earliest and most highly-prized dolls have sewn knee and elbow joints. Understandably, these rare and fantastic antique Raggedy Ann dolls are worth many thousands of dollars at auction.

In addition to this, pillowcases, sheet sets, and quilts were embellished with this beloved rag doll. Lamps, calendars, games, toys, dishes, clocks Raggedy Ann and her spunky brother are everywhere. In fact, I think it might be shorter to make a list of collectibles that haven't featured a Raggedy Ann at some time or another. Raggedy Ann dolls were originally handmade.


Later, P. Volland, a Gruelle book publisher, made the dolls. A single article cannot hope to list all of the types of Raggedy Ann dolls that have appeared on the market during the past century, but here is a short list of a few of the most widely recognized ones that appear at auction:. Brown or red hair. Outward-turned feet.

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Three different recognized mouths. Red yarn hair. Painted face. Cloth label sewn in side seam. Both asleep and awake dolls.

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Printed features. Tag sewn in seam. The doll talks. In begins the Afro-American beloved Belindy. Plastic and vinyl dolls with rooted yarn hair. Marketed under the Playskool label.

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Did the original Raggedy Ann dolls have candy hearts sewn inside them? This is a lovely legend inspired by two main factors. The Raggedy Ann stories, written by Gruelle, did tell us that Raggedy Ann's goodness came from her invincible candy heart. Additionally, Gruelle's son, Worth, shared with others a memory he had from early childhood of being sent to a candy store to buy sugar hearts and picking out the ones with I Love You printed on them. Light scuffing to covers, mostly on the rear.

The binding shows some slight play but covers and text are all secure.

Page by page inspection shows there are some short tears, all along the spine edges, that do not affect the text or illustrations. Book is clean and unmarked. Actually in very good condition compared to most Raggedy Ann books you see. Last page has a list of other Volland Happy Children Books with ten titles listed. More information about this seller Contact this seller 2. Published by New York About this Item: New York, First Edition; First Printing.

Very Good in boards.

First Edition, no additional printings. Toning throughout. Scuffing and fading to front and rear boards. Scuffing to page edges. Bumped corners. Faded and worn spine.

Raggedy Ann & Andy A Musical Adventure

Chip to lower rear panel. Significant edge wear. More information about this seller Contact this seller 3. Illustrated Boards. Condition: Near Fine Book. Color Illustrations Throughout illustrator. First Edition, Forty-Fourth Printing. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. Published by Donohue About this Item: Donohue, Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Near Fine. Seller Inventory ABE