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Considerations for drafting provisions criminalizing harmful practices. Overview General considerations for imposing penalties or sanctions Clear definitions of harmful practices and broad liability Extraterritoriality and extradition Mitigation Consent. Other legal protections and considerations. Overview and protection orders Civil lawsuits Prohibition on the use of harmful traditional dispute resolution mechanisms Compensation Child protection provisions Immigration and asylum laws.

Drafting legislation on specific harmful practices. Forced and Child Marriage. Definitions and forms of forced and child marriage. Definition of forced and child marriage Defining and establishing consent Establishing a minimum age for marriage Development of a national action plan on forced marriages Defining other forms of forced marriage: human trafficking Defining other forms of forced marriage: international marriage brokering Defining other forms of forced marriage: slavery, sexual slavery, forced labor and debt bondage Defining other forms of forced marriage: wife inheritance, levirate and sororate marriages Defining other forms of forced marriage: bride kidnapping Defining other forms of forced marriage: bounty hunting Defining other forms of forced marriage: forced and child marriage as settlement Polygamous marriages Premarital, post-nuptial and other forms of marriage contract Inheritance laws Addressing customary laws and practices that conflict with formal laws.


Civil Laws. Registration of marriages and births Civil remedy for victims of forced marriage. Criminal Laws. Criminalization of forced and child marriage Other related offences: criminalization of marital rape Other related offences: acts of retribution and intimidation.

Overview Rights of victims Addressing forced marriages involving immigrant women and girls Addressing extraterritorial jurisdiction Addressing forced marriages involving victims outside their country-of-residence Annulment of a forced marriage and divorce.

Roles and Responsibilities. Duties of police Duties of prosecutors Role of other Helping Professions and Stakeholders Prevention of forced and child marriages Public awareness Statistics gathering Trainings. General principles for legislation on Female Genital Mutilation. Overview Clear definition of crime and liability Sentencing provisions Enhanced penalties Prohibition of medicalization Criminalization of aiding and abetting the performance of FGM Duty to report Mitigation Consent Extraterritoriality.

Child protection provisions. Overview Core elements in child protection laws and systems to protect against FMG Protection orders Hearing by court Other provisions. Rights of survivors Restitution and compensation for survivors Civil lawsuits Immigration and asylum. Roles and responsibilities. Police protocols Prosecutor protocols Regulations and administrative provisions.

"Women’s Divorce Rights in Jordan: Legal Rights and Cultural Challenges" by Helen David

Broader coordinated policies. Training of professionals Regional, national and international cooperation protocols Coordinated Community Response Public Education. Honour Crimes. General principles for laws on honour crimes and killings.

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Legal reform in civil, customary, criminal and asylum laws. Roles and responsibilities of police Roles and responsibilities of courts and judiciary Roles and responsibilities of prosecutors Data collection and information gathering Public education. Victim protection. Rights of victims Child protection Order for protection Hearing by court.

Maltreatment of Widows. Civil laws. Family law and marriage laws Marriages Equal rights and responsibilities in marriage Inheritance laws Land and property reform Land and tenure reform Promoting security of tenure for women Joint tenure and titling for spouses Ensuring effective implementation Domestic violence civil remedies Civil claim for compensation. Criminal laws.

Overview Sexual assault Other forms of violence Offenses involving property. Dowry-related Violence. Main strategies for drafting legislation on dowry-related violence. Overview Core elements of legislation on dowry-related violence Sources of international law.

Objectives, definitions and scope of legislation. Drafting the legislative preamble and contents Definition of dowry-related violence Scope of persons protected by law and culpable persons. Coordinated community response and implementation of laws. Criminal justice system response to dowry-related and domestic violence. Duties of police officers Determining the predominant aggressor Probable cause standard of arrest Duties of prosecutors Pro-prosecution policy Absent victim prosecution Duties of judiciary Mediation or assisted alternative dispute resolution provisions Timely and expedited proceedings.

Criminal penalties and procedures Dowry deaths Aiding and abetting suicide Statute of limitations and Obstruction of justice Criminal sanctions and sentencing provisions Addressing dowry-related violence through criminalization of dowry demands Evidence Treatment or diversion programs for perpetrators Lethality or risk assessments Felony strangulation and other provisions.

Civil remedies on dowry-related violence. What is advocacy and why is it important? What is Advocacy and Why is It Important? How is Advocacy Defined? Types of Advocacy. Women's human rights and legislative advocacy What is advocacy for legal system reform? What is international human rights advocacy?

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How does litigation relate to advocacy? Identifying the problem: investigating and gathering evidence. Research the nature and extent of the problem Key steps in investigating and documenting violations of women Research best practices, Gather testimonials and Review research. The advocacy process. Overview Defining your advocacy goals: what is success? Factors that contribute to success Developing an advocacy strategy Leadership and Organization Communication and Education Mobilization and action; Self assessment and Measuring progress.

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Understanding the government structure, legal obligations, and legislative process. Overview and Compliance with national, regional and international laws Understanding the legislative process Understanding the role of NGOs in the legislative process. Taking action. Implementing Laws. What is a coordinated community response to violence against women? Goals and principles for a coordinated community response CCR Benefits of coordinated community response Creating a coordinated community response program.

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National action plans and strategies. Requiring national action plans in legislation Developing a national action plan. Judges generally cannot impose fines in lieu of forfeiture to recoup legal fees: SCC. Please enter your email address below to subscribe. Nova Scotia scrapping bar exam in overhaul of bar admission process. Canadian tech firm Blue J Legal will help build split-income tax tool. Another minimum sentence bites the dust. GCs favouring legal tech over external counsel. Legal risk of not helping outweighs being a good Samaritan. Judges generally cannot impose fines in lieu of forfeiture to recoup legal fees: SCC 08 Nov