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In Austin, Evan grew plants mostly outdoors due to the suitable year-round growth climate in Texas. He has harvested everything from mushrooms to melons and everything in between. After returning to the east coast, Evan completed a month term of service with Public Allies, an Americorps program, where he met Ajit and began developing the idea of Second Chances Farm.

Evan has taken classes in hydroponics, propagation, and growing microgreens. He mostly loves to play music, coach wrestling, and continuously tweak and engineer his homemade hydroponics systems that includes basil, cilantro, chives, spinach, and more. He has been a part-time employee of the world famous Longwood Gardens for more than two years. Todd Erickson has always felt close to nature with a passion for plant cultivation, whether he is in the fields, taking a hike, or taking trips to the local ski mountains. There is no place he feels more at home, then being surrounded by plants.

After graduating from A. He then transferred to the University of Delaware college of agriculture to pursue a more hands on approach. During that time his passion for plants grew while working on various organic vegetable farms as well building a few of his own DIY hydroponics systems at home. At this point his passion for plant cultivation had really taken root. Todd pursued a full time position working as a hydroponic technician at a Wilmington local cannabis dispensary, First State Compassion.

After hearing about Second Chances Farm through an old colleague he couldn't help but jump at the opportunity to spread knowledge of hydroponics to distressed communities.

In turn giving food deserts nutritious vegetables grown by the same people living around the corner. Being a vegetarian for 6 years he values the importance of accessing fresh produce and how not everyone has the same access or dietary know how. Herb Eggert was a long time employee of DuPont and recently, through Adecco, he consulted as a project engineer facilitating high return equipment upgrade programs at various manufacturing sites.

He was also the project field engineer who supervised the installation of underground utilities high and low voltage electric distribution system with automatic standby generators, welded HDPE water supply system and the paving of all internal roads for the acre resort along with supervision of routine maintenance of villas and resort facilities.

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Prior to that Herb served as an engineer at Horizon Photonics Inc. He was the lead mechanical developer of passive optical isolator packages per customer specifications to include manufacturing process development, tool design, and optical testing hardware design. He was responsible for providing process, tooling, and material to the manufacturing team to meet customer schedules - typically four to six-week turnaround. He handled customer interface and resolution of product issues related to internal processes and customer end use issues. He managed all phases of equipment development including concept, project control, system or mechanical design, and process simplification all the way to production turnover.

He implemented equipment solutions that reduce downtime and demonstrate new technologies to improve manufacturing, quality, efficiency and market acceptance for a wide range of processes and products like Kevlar, radiological pharmaceuticals, magneto optic disks and X-ray films just to name a few.

Nicole Gomez is an artist, student, plant enthusiast, and dedicated holistic vegetarian with a strong passion for culture, community, and specialization in craft. Growing up in New Jersey, she has always had a deep connection with nature and forestry, and a love for travel and culture. Her love for her home country of Colombia also serves as a strong cornerstone in her passion for nature. Nicole is currently in her third year at the University of Delaware, as a member of the new Controlled Environment Sustainable Agriculture major in the College of Agriculture.

Working under the chair of the plant science department, Nicole developed a specialization in working with hydroponic plant nutrients in comparison studies done as research. She is deeply engaged in the science of plant nutrition and is a devoted student to learning more about advanced hydroponics.

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In her time at the University, Nicole has managed and maintained hydroponics systems, and additionally has built her own system in order to aid her in the research process. Nicole loves to do yoga, go on bike rides and hiking, as well as take care of her house plants and herbs. She is particularly excited to be working on the more diverse end of the breaking field of hydroponic agriculture. Writing science-oriented articles, creating comic strips, and crafting mind-bending puzzles led to a position with the Men with a Message Braille Program as an Accessible Media Technician.

This work was designed to provide Delaware's visually impaired students with learning material in ways never before available. Charles graduated from Delcastle Technical High School with honors, studying aviation maintenance. He took home the gold medal prize in the state SkillsUSA competition in and , and was additionally awarded the bronze medal at the national level both years.

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  • In he designed and built a functional pulsejet for his senior project. He helps social entrepreneurs and impact-seeking organizations share their story so they can change the world.

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    She spent a lot of time thinking about Cmdr. Riker, wondering where he was, what he was doing. Sometimes she'd look up into the sky, and imagine that he knew and that somehow he could sense her thinking about him. Lieutenant Riker had gone to see Picard about his plan to retrieve the database behind the commander's back. Picard called Riker to his ready room to discuss it. Picard explains the lieutenant's plan is to directly access the computer core underneath the station and that it's the only way to succeed in retrieving the database.

    Riker believes the caverns they'd be going into would be too risky because of the seismic activity. Picard relates that Lt.

    Riker was confident it could be done safely because he'd been down there recently. Riker says there's a good chance they can just use a console in the station, but Picard notes that if it doesn't work, there can't be another attempt for another eight years; they only have enough time for one plan. Riker objectively analyzes that Lt. Riker's plan is more dangerous but also has a better chance of succeeding, and Picard agrees that the data is important enough that it's worth the risk.

    He suggests that Riker have the lieutenant help him in drawing up the mission plan. Riker goes to see the lieutenant working in engineering and reprimands him, saying it is not his place to go to the captain. Riker justifies doing so because Cmdr. Riker wouldn't hear him out the other day on the station, but Cmdr. Riker clarifies that he did but rejected the plan.

    He confirms that Picard approved the lieutenant's plan, but that's not the problem.


    He may disagree with the decision, but Picard is his commanding officer and he'll follow his orders, but in the same vein, he expects the same from Lt. Riker as his commanding officer. If he can't, there's no place for him on the commander's away team. After Lt. Riker stiffly acknowledges him, Cmdr.

    Are You The One: Second Chances

    Riker informs him of a meeting scheduled for drawing up the mission plan. Later, Troi and Crusher work out using Mok'bara. Crusher encourages Troi's feelings toward the lieutenant. When Lt. Riker enters, Crusher excuses herself to Troi's dismay. Riker compares the moves to tai chi chuan once told that Worf teaches Klingon martial arts. He tries out some moves, but then Troi quickly gets the better of him and puts him on the floor. They kiss. She admits that even though they both had relationships with other people, this is different.

    She is not sure how he feels about this and but can imagine that this must be very strange for him. Riker admits that ever since Lieutenant Riker has been on board, he has found himself thinking about the choices they made years ago. He doesn't mind if she chooses to be with him; however, he asks her to be careful, pointing out that if the lieutenant had gotten off the planet instead of him, he probably would have made the same choices as he did. He wants her to consider that because he doesn't want her to get hurt again. Later, Riker, Data and Worf play poker in Riker's quarters.

    The lieutenant comes to see him, and Riker asks him to join in. He plays, but it turns out to be an awkward experience for Data and Worf as the two comment about their different lives.

    Before You Give Your Partner A Second Chance, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

    Riker tries to bluff the commander, but it doesn't work as Cmdr. Riker knows all of his tells. The lieutenant leaves after losing the hand, saying Riker's always had the "better hand. Later that day, Lt. Riker meets Troi in her quarters to inform her that Captain Picard has managed to get him a post on the USS Gandhi , and considering how long he has been out of commission, it is an amazing opportunity he'd like to consider.

    He would leave in about a week. Troi is disappointed, seeing herself hearing the same lines she heard from the commander eight years ago about how he has to fix his career and work first before he can be with her. Riker assures her that he will definitely not be making the same mistake of leaving her again, but somehow Troi finds that hard to believe.

    It took her a long time to get over what had happened between Cmdr. Riker and her and she does not know whether she would want to put herself in that position again. She has worked hard to make a life for herself on the Enterprise ; she is happy here. He tells her that if the situation was different, he'd stay but that he cannot reasonably do so while Cmdr.

    Riker is aboard. Even though Troi understands, she tells him that she just does not know whether she is willing to give up her life on the Enterprise. She is willing to think about it, however. Pleased, Riker kisses her and after he leaves, Troi realizes, heartbroken again, that she is back at square one even with this version of Will Riker.