The Elect Lady

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Are they somehow different from the church?

Third, those who hold the view that this is a figure of speech maintain that this is a reference to the church as a whole, or to a particular local church. The following points are made in support of this view.


This would mean that she was known by everyone. However, this kind of observation would fit better with reference to a local church than an individual. Fourth, the personification of the church in feminine terms is a common use in the Bible e. Although we may not be able to decide the issue definitively on the basis of our current information, it is clear that, if this was a personal letter to a literal woman, this fact would not exclude it from the canon of Scripture.

And, it is not at all clear that it is a reference to an individual lady.

The Letter to the Elect Lady - 2nd John 1 (a bible vlog)

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Career Dorinda has been evangelizing and juggling hundreds of speaking engagements annually for over twenty years, along with her singing career and being a wife and mother. She made history in South Africa, having been the first woman to minister in the pulpit to over 4, people.

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Drew Sheard. She has since partnered with MR. In September she received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Mt. In early spring of , Dorinda received the honor of performing Nothing but the Truth for the Sojourner Truth unveiling on Capitol Hill for 1st Lady Michelle Obama and other officials. As a member of the world renowned Clark Sisters, Dr. Cole won three Grammys in Dorinda was once a wounded soul who contemplated suicide and now testifies about that very trying time in her life.

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