The Mystery Of Faith

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After Jesus was resurrected, everything fell into place.

The Mystery of Faith | EWTN

Their eyes were opened, and many mysterious passages were made plain. They saw the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in them. They understood the power of His atonement, and they were assured of His coming again.

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Jesus became their key to understanding the scriptures; all mysterious passages were explained in Him, all prophecies were fulfilled in Him, all penalties were borne by Him, all requirements were met by Him, all blessings were administered by Him. My prayer is that you may also read the scriptures with open eyes, that the mysteries may be made plain to you as well.

May your mind leap with joy as you comprehend its utter simplicity; may the mystery of our faith, which was once obscure, be obvious and plain to you:. This Sunday Scriptures Colors.

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We respect the validity of the scientific method and rational investigation of the material world. However, we do not believe materialistic views of reality go far enough in understanding all the forces that are at work in the universe.

We do not know all that there is to know about how the universe works. Article Obeying God or Man?

The mystery of faith

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