The Three Warriors against the Grand Master (Message to my Children)

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The Business Of Belonging with his sister Dr. Anita Sands, Neil is a published writer and is a regular contributor on applied design, innovation, and mobile technology. Neil is a leader within the Irish Community, holding board positions with several non-for-profit, philanthropic and voluntary organizations, and won the IC Top 40 Under 40 Award in CeADAR work with industry to bring data analytics in to address real world business and future business problems.

McKeever supervises a group of PhD students in the areas of machine learning, text and video analytics and security She has recently won a Marie Curie Career-Fit scholarship working with DocoSOFT, an innovator in the insurance claims sector. She has responsibility for overseeing the governance, operations, business development and talent of Northern Trust Asset Management. Her multifacted career began as a financial advisor and subsequently includes experience in securities lending and trading, product development, product sales, sales management and branch management. Colin founded Continuum as an attic start-up in Dublin in which over the last 17 years has grown into the Continuum Group.

Most of his career involves bridging the gaps between business and technology. Kate joined Calastone in and is responsible for the global product set of the organisation. Kate is also responsible for many of our industry relationships particularly across the UK and Europe. Kate has over 25 years of experience in Asset Servicing roles, including asset manager, management consultancy and Transfer Agency firms before joining Calastone.

Kate enjoys working on solutions to reduce the frictional cost of trading which is so important to the end customer and the future of the industry. Kate also set up Women in Asset Servicing in late The network has taken off significantly and will do three separate events in as well as enabling connections, individual coaching hours and speaking slots and media. Prior to founding FundGuard, he was the Head of North America at Multifonds acquired by Temenos serving many of the world's largest fund administrators and asset managers.

Earlier in his career, Lior was a TMT investment banker at Goldman Sachs in New York, and before that he led software development teams at Radware and at an elite Intelligence technology unit as an officer.

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She is on the advisory panel of Velocity - a fintech accelerator from the Investment Association, and she leads a number of client forums on innovation. She previously spent six months seconded to a blockchain start up focused on the post-trade industry. She has 15 years of experience with large transformational change programs within Asset and Wealth Managers, and she has designed and implemented a number of different solutions covering the front, middle and back office.

She has over 16 years of experience within the industry. Prior to that, he worked as compliance technology expert and business analyst in the fund management industry. Miroslav graduated from Dauphine University in France. Hugh has over 15 years of experience of technical security assessment programmes, digital banking fraud management, cyber security strategy and architecture, and governance of cyber risk. Hugh has a Ph. Prior to this she commenced her career in Intel, where she held a number of technical roles.

Michael has only recently been promoted and is now the Chief Superintendent in charge of the Clare Division. Joern has over 20 years of experience in IT risk assessments and IT management in the public and private financial sector. This role is responsible for ensuring that we deliver services and products to support the needs of Investment Managers and the Insurance segment.

Message to My Children (vol. 2)

Through active and close engagement with this market segment for a number of years Rachel has a deep understanding of the key challenges and opportunities faced by asset managers. In her role as a director Rachel has provided board support for client, sales and TA matters. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Commerce from University College Dublin and is also a qualified accountant. Previous to this he was the Head of Responsible Investment for Mercer Investments across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, advising institutional asset owners on environmental, social and corporate governance matters.

He has more than 15 years of experience working in sustainable and responsible investment. She joined Invesco in October The Sustainable Investing team is focused on identifying drivers of long-term return associated with environmental, social, and governance issues, integrating them throughout BlackRock's investment process, and creating solutions for our clients to achieve sustainable investment returns. Previously, Meaghan served as a Managing Director and Liaison to BlackRock's Board of Directors within the Corporate Strategy team, where she led the Board of Directors function and managed a rage of complex strategy projects.

Prior to joining BlackRock in , Ms. Muldoon served for more than seven years as a fiscal and economic policy advisor in the Obama Administration. Most recently, she served as Counselor to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, coordinating the Department's fiscal, domestic, and economic policy efforts, and leading cross-functional teams on issues including infrastructure investment, tax policy, retirement policy, higher education finance, and financial inclusion.

Mace Windu

In previous roles, Ms. He also carried out several field-based research projects in emerging and frontier markets for international market research and economic consulting firms. Fabrizio holds an M.

He joined Morgan Stanley in and has 33 years of industry experience. Paul has also served as an associate director on the Fixed Income team at Lombard Odier and held various roles, both as a senior dealer in the treasury division and within the asset management business while at the Bank of Ireland. ConsenSys is a global technology company.

Edwin Frederick O'Brien

Enabled by the Ethereum blockchain, ConsenSys focuses on building new products and services, by partnering with corporates and governments around the world. The ConsenSys Dublin studio is Ireland's largest blockchain team and Ireland's largest blockchain company. Prior to Deloitte, Lory worked as a management consultant with Accenture.

He has over 12 years of consulting experience. Lory has led blockchain strategy and implementation projects for corporates and governments around the globe. This group includes over entities made up of global enterprises, universities, government entities and start-ups. Henning Swabey joined Calastone in and is responsible for defining and implementing the business development strategy for Continental Europe. Henning speaks six languages. He began his career at Euroclear in Belgium, where he managed key clients across multiple geographies.

Deborah is a partner and head of the asset management, financial services FS , governance and regulatory team in Eversheds Sutherland Ireland. Deborah specialises in investment funds and asset management regulation as well as complex financial services regulatory matters. Deborah has extensive industry advocacy experience and frequently advises on specialised regulatory implementation issues at a European and domestic level. Deborah has extensive experience advising those funds, management companies and services providers more broadly on distribution and marketing related issues, payment services, compliance and corporate governance requirements, ESG, AML, and other regulatory requirements.

In addition to extensive experience advising on UCITS related matters, Deborah also advises on alternative investments including all aspects of AIFMD as well as hedge funds, property funds, Shariah funds, ESG funds, private equity funds, loan funds and fund formation. Deborah regularly works with innovators to bring new products and solutions to market and her specialism includes advising fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency firms. He previously held academic positions in the Netherlands and Denmark. Senator Neale Richmond was first elected to Seanad Eireann in The Investment Association is the trade body that represents UK-based investment managers.

Black Sabbath ~ War Pigs

He is a regular columnist, commentator and speaker on issues of international competitiveness and regulation in financial services. Eve was previously Head of Solutions based in London. Eve began her career as an investment consultant at Watson Wyatt. Eve has a first class honours degree in financial and actuarial mathematics from Dublin City University and is a fellow of the Institute of Actuaries.

He attained honours undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from University College Dublin. To view the agenda from this year's, scroll further below. Agenda Venue Speakers Media Partners. Yvonne Connolly , Chairperson, Irish Funds. Kindly sponsored by The Panel. Kindly sponsored by Northern Trust. Kindly sponsored by JP Morgan.

Kindly sponsored by Carnegie Fund Services.

Irish Funds Member Portal Access. If you have already registered for the Irish Funds Member Portal, you can continue below. To avoid seeing this notification again, tick the box below. Remember My Selection Continue to Portal. Do You Need Access? Windu said that they would use all their resources to confirm the identity of the attacker. Jinn also mentioned in his debriefing that, while stopping for repairs on Tatooine, he had encountered a nine year-old slave called Anakin Skywalker.

Jinn professed his belief that the boy was the Chosen One of Jedi prophecy as his midi-chlorian count was unprecedented. Jinn requested that the boy be trained, and Windu asked that Skywalker be bought before them. When Skywalker arrived, he was tested on his abilities in the Force.

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The Council noticed his strong connection, but after a vote, they decided not to train him because he was too old and his future was clouded. Kenobi successfully proved his skills by beating the Jedi Master. With the matter dropped, Windu revealed that the Senate was voting for a new Chancellor and assigned Jinn and Kenobi to escort the Queen back to Naboo and to discover the identity of the dark warrior.

Windu, along with the rest of the Council excluding Oppo Rancisis , Yarael Poof and Yaddle, ventured to Naboo to attend the victory celebrations and Jinn's funeral.

Warning: 93 Signs Your Dojo is a McDojo

Windu concluded with Yoda in silence that the Sith were indeed alive. Yoda pointed that there were always two Sith: a master and apprentice. The only question Windu asked was which one of those two had been defeated. Later that year, Windu and the Council learned that insurgents from the planet of Lannik had agreed to peace talks which would be hosted on Malastare.

However, on their arrival the team realizes that they are being followed. This prompts Piell and Gallia to investigate only to attack. The attackers fled when Windu and the others arrived to help the two. Later, the talks finally begin but tempers begin to flare forcing Windu to call the talks off early.

Upon leaving the venue, Hutar Zash offers the team a ride, but it is all a ruse intended to assassinate them. The Jedi barely escape only to be thrust into the middle of a podrace — the Phoebos Memorial Run. After they are fended off, Windu set off to find those who set the dogs on them, as they came from his home world of Haruun Kal. As he was surrounded by a large number of thugs, Billaba arrived to help him, and they made short work of their assailants.

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They eventually located the source of the smuggling, but only after fighting a number of deranged akk dogs originally from Haruun Kal.