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Okay so reminder not to ignore that part because am not only just blabbering,they're important notes to take into your brain before getting brainconfused by my actual translation. Sankyuu berry mochi.

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Ah I mean, Sexy Thankyou!! Hello again!! Today I come up with another requested solo for translation: Because of Ai! So as usual, before starting to translate this I ponder upon the fact of why did Kento really do this? Why did he decide to write this? Therefore, I watched his clip of the making and then I understood it for a fact. So he wanted to tackle it accordingly into composing and writing a song that fits such an image.

Thus, the creation of "Because of Ai" came not only to show the emotional side but also to focus that when loving someone it's not always the happy-go-lucky side as there is a dark side to love too, one that's painful at times frustrating. He wanted the emotions to be sent over through melody as well as words when he composed and wrote this piece. He also mentioned that he wants fans to sing along some parts that emphasize the song's meaning even more.

And my notes will be in blue this time right next to some lines for further explanation-- I might have some mistakes as am not a native Japanese but I hope I've given this the emotional weight it deserves. I mean it's really emotional, and shows us Kento's sensitive side clearly. S special thanks to AmuletAngelxx on twitter for pointing out some little mistakes that needed a little editing in my translation. For those who read the translation already, the lines bolded out have been edited.

Nobody really knows the answer to love We wanted to make sure of those feelings so we kissed --Okay so because Kento didn't know the answer to love like is this really love? If we havent been involved with one another No such agonizing emotions would have been felt My life --Here it is either he is calling her his life, or he is saying no such agonizing emotions would have been felt throughout his whole life without love initially existing there.

Nobody really knows the answer to love We wanted to make sure of those feelings so we kissed Because of you Love I am Sad Even your sadness has to be embraced --He is referring to the fact that he should have stood beside her not only in the good times,but the bad times too. So he shouldn't have disregarded her sadness in other words.

The truth is that am always worried I want to be loved,fast.. Everytime I pretend am strong I always end up regretting --Pretending to be strong is referring to him probably trying to act all is okay about losing her when he is not.. Because of Love Because of you Love --Love is the original cause why it is because of you. Again , emphasis on how love is the cause of it all. Hahaha anyways..


Although in this case, he is showing us the more emotional,sad part that is created it out of the feeling of love which includes: Loneliness,Sadness,Jealousy,Uncertainty,A nxiety and Pain. So yes,this, it's all because of "love". It's all because of you. Love is the cause of all and reason to allwoop. Hope you enjoyed! And let's discuss our thoughts together down below in the comments! It's been a while, again.

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I haven't translated in a long time indeed because I was busy with studying, job-hunting and all the various tedious adulting. Yes, adulting--being an adult, brings a major theme to this song that I decided to translate today! So before I decided to begin this translation as usual I wanted to make sure why did Fuma really write this?

What's the point he wanted to bring forth with such a song? So to understand that better, I translated the talk from behind the scenes of the actual making of the song in which Fuma discussed in , why he really did such a song. He mentioned that this time, regarding the album PAGES, he wanted to bring forth a theme that tackled his own "roots", one of which that rummaged through his memories and brought by the earliest he could remember when his consciousness had first developed.

And that being in his case, the can of cocoa that his father,which also included other members of his family too as he mentioned, often brought for him when he was about years old on the way back from the park. He mentioned that this can of cocoa was significant to him because its warmth often links him back to those roots.

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Now, knowing such facts, we can properly give this song some justice or so I hope so. And my notes will be in purple right next to some lines for further explanation, I repeat this everytime so im sure youre bored. LOL Anyways!! I might have some mistakes as am not a native Japanese but I hope I've given it the justice it deserves because it is a beautiful song. Before anything starts, Fuma recieves a phone call, probably from his family asking about when he'll come back and he says Hello?

I'll be coming back tomorrow,ahaha.. Translation: Since when did this tree-lined avenue become the way back? It reminded me of the feelings I had around the time of Twenty. I guess, it's because of the family, memories aspect. However in this one, he focuses on the theme that in order to face the future brightly you need to find something in your past that sparks joy for you and use that reminder of joy to face your tough mundane days. What do you think? I mean I related it to it so much because I often do this everytime I'm pressured, honestly.

Let's discuss further in the comments!! Hope you enjoyed.

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Don't forget to leave a comment, and if you ever wanted to use this translation somewhere please credit me. Hello everyone!! I've been requested to kind of diverge from only translating Fuma's songs. Well, it wasn't my choice to only translate his but rather I mostly got requested to translate more of his songs after the first one I had posted here. Nooo- Please believe me. Anyways, Ai am back to you with another translation and this time I wanted to give some love to Sou-chan!!!! He didn't write this one, but it was his first solo afterall and I remember watching it in his solo con live for the first time.

I was surprised at his evident growth, then. The song's meaning is beautiful too.

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It gives hope, so never give up on your side ey!? I would like to remind you all as usual,my translations are not word by word. Just warning you! Hahahah and also am human , and a learner of Japanese so I do make my own mistakes. If you found something weird , point it out for me please. Other than that, please go ahead and enjoy!

I want to catch the gist of meaning as much as possible so ignore my blabbering if you don't wanna! This guy had been through alot ever since he debuted and he was one of the most between the members who couldn't hide it on his face. He looked in pain in alot of moments,I've noticed. Also, he tends to try his best to keep it in but it fails. I'm thankful for this, and can't wait till this boy gets more than just a guesting in a drama, a full-on major role in a drama or movie , and more solos to come other than Break out my shell , and Mermaid. Ganbatte Sou-chan!! It has been such a long time since I've done my last translation!

But someone who told me that they admired some of my translations made my day and brought me right back on track. So, last time on my twitter I did a poll on "Which sexyzone solo fans wanted most to be translated" which excluded Mission K since I've seen that translated somewhere and to my surprise again, it brought me back to one of Fuma Kikuchi's solos. Not like am complaining since he is my ichiban but I have to admit his way of thinking and his usage of words leaves me thinking of the many possible ways something could mean.

But then again am just the type who'd dig deeper than usual till I tire myself ww Okay away from lots of talks, let's begin with this what should I say..

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Ecchi but not Ecchi solo? I was a dream but it was not a dream LOL Nah , seriously speaking though.. Never hesitate to correct me if you thought a part is wrong?